Our Story

Leather crafting and design SwaggerandHide

Swagger and Hide was borne out of a desire to make exceptional leather goods, which were not only stylish, but functional and timeless.

 At Swagger and Hide we select the highest grade leather hides we can find, sourced in New Zealand, and then through hours of skill, care and love we craft our products. Because each leather hide is inherently different, you can rest assured that whatever you choose to buy will be uniquely yours.

 We want you to use your Swagger and Hide products every day, because we know that leather only gets better with age. Over the years it will soften, more of the natural marks will appear, but most of all it will age with you and tell your story, perhaps to be passed down to the next generation.

 If you’re looking for a gift, or want to personalise something, let us know, we can emboss in Gold or Silver. If you see something you like but perhaps want it in black instead of brown leather drop us a line, we’re always happy to chat.